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Andre du Pin Calmon

Assistant Professor at INSEAD

The Patrick and Valentine Firmenich Fellow for Business and Society

I am an Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD. My research involves using data, analytics, and mathematical modeling to address sustainability and efficiency issues in innovative business models. I also study operations management challenges faced by companies in emerging markets. More generally, my research investigates how organizations can use operational excellence and business model innovation to generate positive social and environmental impact while increasing profits.

My teaching is intertwined with my research and focuses on the relationship between operations management, business model innovation, and sustainability. I have won the INSEAD MBA's Best Teacher Award and have received INSEAD's "Dean's Commendation for Excellence in MBA Teaching" multiple times. In 2019, the sustainability pedagogical material that I have developed was awarded the Page Prize.

Before joining INSEAD, I obtained my Ph.D. in Operations Research from MIT. I also hold an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Universidade de Brasília (UnB).

My CV is available here.


Published and Accepted Papers

  1. Warranty Matching in a Consumer Electronics Closed-Loop Supply Chain
    A. P. Calmon, S. C. Graves, and S. Lemmens
    Forthcoming in M&SOM.
  2. Revenue Management with Repeated Customer Interactions
    A. P. Calmon, D. F. Ciocan, and G. Romero
    Forthcoming in Management Science.
  3. Inventory Management in a Consumer Electronics Closed-Loop Supply Chain
    A. P. Calmon and S. C. Graves
    M&SOM, 2017; 19(4), pp.568-585.

Working and Conference Papers

  1. Operational Strategies for Distributing Durable Goods in the Base of the Pyramid
    A. P. Calmon, D. Jue-Rajasingh, G. Romero, and J. Stenson
    Submitted to M&SOM, 2019 (Major Revision).
  2. Data Analytics for Creative Processes: Designing the Next Delicious Product
    A. P. Calmon, F. P. Calmon, R. Goodwin, and J. Zazo
    Submitted to M&SOM, 2020 (Major Revision).
  3. Pricing and Job Allocation in Online Labor Platforms
    V.F. Araman, A. Calmon, and K. Fridgeirdottir
    Submitted to M&SOM, 2019 (Reject and Resubmit).
  4. Seed Manufacturing Under Climate Change: The Impact of Extreme Weather Events
    U. Serhatli, A. P. Calmon, and E. Yucesan
    Submitted to POM, 2018 (Major Revison).
  5. Correspondence Analysis of Government Expenditure Patterns
    H. Hsu, F. P. Calmon, J. C. S. Santos Filho, A. P. Calmon, and S. Salamatian
    NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World (ML4D), 2018.

Work in Progress

  • Operational Challenges in Distributed Manufacturing: "Cloud Factory" for Handmade Goods in Kenya,
    V. Araman, A. P. Calmon and A. Ovchinnikov
    Draft Available Upon Request.
  • Data-Driven Failure Age Estimation in a Consumer Electronics Closed-Loop Supply Chain
    A. P. Calmon, S.C. Graves, and S. Lemmens
    Draft Available Upon Request.
  • Searching for the Road from Farm to Fork: Information Systems for Traceability
    P. Blaettchen, A. P. Calmon, and S. Hasija
    Work in Progress.
  • Adoption of Traceability Technology in Supply Chain Networks
    P. Blaettchen, A. P. Calmon, and G. Hall
    Work in Progress.



  • Business Sustainability (2015-present)
  • Process and Operations Management (2015-present)
    • INSEAD MBA Core Course. Also teaches an abridged version for executive students
    • Awarded the "Best MBA Core Course" Award in 2015, 2017, and 2019.
  • New Business Models (2017-present)
    • Taught in both the INSEAD MBA and Excutive programs
    • This is a tournament-based business model innovation course. S. Chick, R. Ballestiero, and I created Torneio, a torunament platform designed for the course.

    Case Studies

    1. EcoVadis: A Sustainability Rating Company Goes Global
      A. P. Calmon, A. Nai-Tien Huang, L. Van Wassenhove
      INSEAD Case Publishing, 2019.
    2. Fibbie Cornuda: Manufacturing a Fit
      N. Askin, A. P. Calmon, and B. Henry
      INSEAD Case Publishing, 2019.
    3. Fibbie Cornuda: Operations and Supply Chain Management
      A. P. Calmon, N. Askin, and B. Henry
      INSEAD Case Publishing, 2019.
    4. Vertical Farms
      A. P. Calmon, E. Yucesan, and W. Khoury
      INSEAD Case Publishing, 2018.
    5. From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Apparel: The Making of the SAC
      M. Hunter, A. P. Calmon, L. Van Wassenhove
      INSEAD Case Publishing, 2018.
    6. Essmart: Distributing Life Changing Technologies to Rural Villagers
      A. P. Calmon, A. Nanji, G. Romero
      INSEAD Case Publishing, 2018.

    Other Pedagogical Material

    • Torneio: A Platform for Innovation Tournaments
      S. Chick, A. P. Calmon, and R. Ballestiero
      Avaliable online, 2019. Please contact me for more information.
    • INSEAD Sustainability Blog
      A. P. Calmon
      Student-driven sustainability blog, 2017-present. All content developed by students of the Business Sustainability Course.
    • Online course: Searching for a Business Model.
      A. P. Calmon
      Online course and digital exercises offered to all incoming INSEAD MBA students, 2018.
    • Better Place Negotiation Game
      A. P. Calmon
      In-class role playing game to illustrate the challenges of introducing and scaling green energy business models.



  • Ph.D. students and Post-Docs
    • Philippe Blaettchen - Ph.D. co-advior (currently a 4th year Ph.D. candidate)
    • Utku Serhatli - Ph.D. co-advisor (starting as an assistant professor at NOVA SBE in August 2020)
    • Stef Lemmens - Post-Doctoral mentor (now an assistant professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
  • I helped design, fundraise, and promote the The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society .
  • Participated in numerous fundraising events and meetings related to INSEAD's Business as a Force for Good Campaign.
  • Presented in numerous alumni and fundraising forums, such as the INSEAD Visionaries Conference, the European Alumni Forum, and the Dutch Alumni Forum.
  • Taught in the Leading Management Education program, a short program that provides pedagocical tools to new INSEAD faculty.
  • In the Operations Management Community

  • Co-organizer of the M&SOM Sustainable Operations track at INFORMS 2020.
  • Co-organizer of the Environmental Operations track at POMS 2018.
  • Co-organizer of the Sustainable Operations Special Interest Group Meeting at the 2015 M&SOM Conference.
  • Students and Startups

    I have had the privlege to teach, mentor, advise, collaborate, and help numerous amazing startups created by INSEAD and MIT alumni. A partial list of companies is:
  • Stanplus
  • Essmart
  • Soko
  • Ajua (formerly known as mSurvey)
  • Libring (recently acquired by App Annie)
  • Contact

    Email: andre (dot) calmon (at) insead (dot) edu

    PMLS 0.04
    Boulevard de Constance
    Fontainebleau, France